Friday, November 14, 2008


these are some questions that people keep asking me whenever they come to my blog and i am so so tired of answering the same question again and again and again and again and again *get what i mean?* so i compiled it here ..

why is your blog called flying-tears?

my blog is named after my all time fave jay chou song called "hair like snow" where part of the lyrics was "Your hair is like snow , fluttering tears" but instead of fluttering tears ( cause some people might mis spell) i change it to flying-tears

why you change layout all the time?

i visit my own blog everyday, it's like my home and i cross my blog to blog hop to other blogs so i do get tired of seeing the same layout after a while. sometimes i prefer to find xml template, sometimes html/css codes

jay jay jay. what is the big deal about this dude? why you like him so much?

i'm a jay fan ok! i'm a fan who is obsessed with his music. healthy obsession. i'm not obsessing his over HIM, but his MUSIC. his music has been intertwined deep within my soul. stop asking and complaining about jay. my blog. i like jay chou.

oh just to annoy jay haters .. nah!

single or attached?

single and lovin it. ;)

what's your real name? is it jazlyn ?

sorry, my bitch birth name is not jazlyn and only people who know me close enough or in the same class knows my full name. jazlyn is a girl who does not have a past before university :)

there must be someone else you listen to right?

of course, there's fahrenheit , taiwanese hot boy band, jj lin, that adorable dimple *poke* , nic teo , malaysia's own singer, will pan hotness! and other more random singers

why do u like pink and black?

for years, i struggle to find my true color and i always thought it was blue because heck, everyone likes blue .. until one day i sat down and looked around .. all my stuff are pink .. i am a sub conscious pink person and i never realize that. black is neat!

study where? when graduate?

i'm studying in Multimedia University, currently taking degree in Digital Media. if all goes well, i should will be be graduating end of 2009. don't ask de. i am bored with this question

are you crazy? why you name your stuff?

so that it feels more personalized and i feel like i have a responsibility to them. my deceased phone was pweety, my camera cheeze. my computer colby. my thumb drive cassandra. my tablet sally. my labtop candy. do i sound crazy now? u should run away from me

coming from a girl's school, are you a les?

one word : NO! i adore the male species, thankyouverymuch

don't you have a social life?

i do but i don't make it top priority and my friends are not major cam whorer thus the lack of photos and post

who is this anonymous dude who calls you princess on the tag board?

ah, that is my dear friend who just wants to be a mystery. i dunno about the princess thing but it's been that way since i knew him 2 years ago. i like it though ;)

are you a bitch?

well, i could be. then again, no one is allowed to call me a bitch unless me. nope, ur not allowed to call me a bitch.

what are you gonna work as?

somewhere between the lines of designing and publishing/printing stuff .. or maybe writing

come pick me up and go somewhere la , want or not?

sorry, i cannot drive. correction, i'm a new driver. currently not available to pick up anyone yet. perhaps after a while. ;)

how come my link is deleted?

it could be one or more of these reasons

1) your blog is boring and has no interest to me

2) your blog grows fungus after a month of non updating

3) your layout is horrible, i can't tolerate a small post entry box

4) i only exchange links with people who link me, for the 'worth reading' column

if i never link you or i lost your link, plz inform me.

what are you against? is there anything you feel strongly against for?

*nod* war. animal hunting. gay marriages. abortion. premarital sex. crimes. hurting mother nature

how long have you been blogging?

since 2005, i have shifted to so many blogs, i tried xanga, bravenet, friendster blog, multiply and settled for blogspot

what is this WLJC?

welovejaychou.blogspot. com is a blog for Jay Chou fan just like us .. we share news and many more in that blog. always open to recruit members. the blog is run by three admins, yours truly, judith and jerome

are you a soka gakkai member?

yes, I am! got any problem with that?


any other questions? leave a comment and i will answer it :)

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